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Dave Hadfield

As Australia and New Zealand prepare for the World Cup final, for England the soul-searching has already begun.

Richard Lewis doesn't get back for two weeks, but when he does he wants to sit down with players and coaches and get their views on where it all went wrong.

He already has some ideas of his own and one of them is that players skills are not devreloping sufficiently under the aegis of their clubs. Hence the mention of those two dirty words from other sports – central contracts.

Lewis stresses that he is not proposing to take players out of big sections of the domestic season, like rugby union and cricket, but he does want to examine whether there would be benefits in the league having more input.

To which certain clubs might reply that they have hardly prospered under the league's wing over the last month. Indeed, some of them have gone so far backwards that we will never see them at test level again.

This could be my last blog for a while, as I'm heading for the bush, or going walkabout as it is also known, in search of Australia's best named country team, the Stanthorpe Gremlins. I'll let you know if I find them.

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