Unlisted: Stuffed toy triggers tiger scare

Toby Green
Tiger 226x300 Unlisted: Stuffed toy triggers tiger scare


It may be easy to mock, but if you saw a tiger lying in front of your car, chances are you too would panic and call the police. The problem for the poor man that did so in Aachen, Germany – according to Spiegel Online – is that the animal in question was not an escaped beast from the nearby zoo, but instead a rather large stuffed toy.

To be fair to the man, who rather sensibly has decided not to speak to the press, when the police turned up they did not instantly spot his blunder. “The officers approached the animal gingerly,” a police spokesperson told Spiegel Online, “but then took heart and strode up to it.” When the mistake was realised, there “was laughter”.

The Foreign Desk will regularly post a link to a peculiar story that fell off the bottom of – or never made it on to – our morning news list, but which we thought you might like to know about anyway.

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