World Cup: Let’s get ethical

Simon Rice

terry 300x295 World Cup: Lets get ethicalWhen England inevitably crash out of the competition and you need a new team to support – who should you go for?

It’s boring to pick the favourites and its so passé to go for Brazil – but there might be an alternative.

The World Development Movement has created a site that ranks a team against 10 poverty and human rights criteria. Weighing up things like aid generosity, contribution to climate change, hunger and military spending, it gives ethically minded people a decent reason to support a team.

Unsurprisingly, North Korea comes out worst (although I doubt they will last longer in the competition than England), while Ghana are the most supportable. The website also reveals that it takes John Terry just 10 minutes to earn the same as a Nigerian person does in a year (a stat that even John Motson would find hard to fathom).

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