Afghanistan, iPads and Entourage

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Anyone keen to check out how Eric fares in his engagement, how Turtle gets on with his new business or whether Drama finally breaks into the big-time should see this first sneak peak at the seventh series of Entourage. More importantly, is Vince up to the death-defying stunt shown?


One of those rare, London gems. Maintenance work at Notting Hill Gate Tube station has recently uncovered some never-before-seen bill posters, that date from between 1956 and 1959, still in their original positions. One favourite is an advert for bus hire, illustrated with an elephant, by the celebrated graphic designer Victor Galbraith.


Wedding season is upon us, and with it the predictably wacky “first dances” that have become popular ever since the Brubakers became overnight celebrities with their made-for-YouTube routine to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back. If the fad leaves you mystified, why not head to, where writer Sadie Stern has put together a short video series chronicling The Evolution of The Wedding Dance.


The English National Ballet’s bright young thing Vadim Muntagirov has been making headlines after securing the male lead in Derek Deane’s Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall. On the National Ballet’s website, though, Muntagirov’s female counterpoint Polina Semionova gets a chance to show us what he’s made of, with a beautifully pared-down clip of her rehearsing a more modern piece on an empty stage. Utterly enchanting.


“Twentythree” is fast becoming one of the most popular blogs on Tumblr, vaunting as it does some of the best photography on the net. It’s racked up over 28,000 posts in under two years from its Mumbai base. Many of the snaps – from hair ornaments, to wreckage on the seashore – are anonymous, but are sublime all the same.


Already bored with your iPad? Liven it up with a few accessories. An iPad suit, perhaps? (Not, in fact a suit for your gadget – a suit for you, with a specially inbuilt iPad pocket). Or how about a Bacon Case? Newsweek has kindly put together a list of the six strangest iPad accompaniments, so you shouldn’t be short of inspiration.


American forces based at Combat Outpost Wildneress, an outpost in the middle of nowhere in Paktya Province, eastern Afghanistan, are attempting to pull out, and transfer security operations to the Afghan Army. At night, they are being attacked by unknown insurgents. Read an evocative account by Neil Shea, a contributing writer at National Geographic magazine.

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