Vuvuzelas, iPhones and a stuffed toy tiger; our first week.

Jack Riley
first week blogs Vuvuzelas, iPhones and a stuffed toy tiger; our first week.

Pictures from popular blogs from our first week.

It’s been a rollercoaster week for our relaunched blogs. After some painful downtime on day one (and for that, apologies), we’ve recovered to deliver some fantastic posts, in my humble opinion, on subjects as diverse and timely as the vuvuzela, BP, London’s graduate fashion week and many more. And in turn, we garnered some nice coverage from the folks over at and even the mighty Wordpress itself. So without further ado, here are our top ten posts (by views) of our first week;

1. From San Francisco: Hands on with the iPhone 4David Phelan

2. The hell of the vuvuzelaNeil Forsyth

3. Just how British is BP?Ben Chu

4. Stubbing out Egypt’s cigarettesArchie Bland

5. Unlisted: Stuffed toy triggers tiger scareToby Green

6. Last last word on TridentJohn Rentoul

7. Econoblog: BP could be forced out of AmericaSean O’Grady

8. A spherical history of the World CupArchie Bland

9. Word Cup: Vuvuzela causing a noise on the webSimon Rice

10. The lingering shame of Bhopal - Andrew Buncombe

It’s worth noting that posts from a week ago have obviously had more time to get hits than the newer offerings (hence nothing from the last day). Any thoughts of yours on how it’s going, things you’d like to see any more or less of, or any issues technical or editorial that you’re having with the new system, drop a comment in the box below; we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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