David Miliband at his best

Amol Rajan

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the large political camp of those who think David Miliband extremely talented but lacking in the fire and passion to be a credible leader.

I’ve changed my mind.  Watching him on Newsnight last night (about 8 minutes in), I saw a bit of the elder Miliband which I’ve not seen before, which was unashamed tribalism, passionately and cogently articulated. Something about the under-stated approach of Michael Fallon, his opponent yesterday, amplified the impressiveness of his delivery. 

I’m closing in on the conviction that certain he’s Labour’s best hope.

  • QuantamPro

    If Amol Rajan says that Mr Banana Bean is charismatic, cogent and passionate then it must be true. All the rest of us are fools for not recognising the brilliance and talent of this former political researcher, come MP, come Minister, come wannabee Prime Minister.

  • cecile10

    It was a good performance.

  • Neil McGowan

    Frankly I’m surprised Minibrain is still in Britain. As a species, Minibrains migrate to new countries every generation – Poland, Belgium, Britain, etc – rather in the same way that a snake sheds its skin. They collect passports the way other people collect stamps, and they have as little loyalty to their countries of issue. I was expecting Minibrain to have moved on by now – to either Israel or the USA, the two countries for whom he’s campaigned tirelessly during his time in office as the “British” Foreign Secretary.

    I’m sure that Arms Manufacturers, and the producers of electric-shock cattle-prods and fingernail-extracting pliers will be rooting for Rabid Minibrain – the candidate who represents the good old-fashioned values of the American Ultra-Right Whackjobs.

  • BlairSupporter

    Honestly, JR, I can’t be bothered. He may be the best of a bad bunch, but it’s a very bad bunch, as far as I can see.

    He puts me off every time he fails to see Israel’s case, as referred to by Melanie Phillips recently.

    Talking about Mel, I’ve just read her ‘Londonistan’. Never got around to it before. I now see what it is I admire about her. She’s right!

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