World Cup: Win, lose or draw? Where’s Carol Vorderman when you need her?

Simon Rice

vorderman 213x300 World Cup: Win, lose or draw? Wheres Carol Vorderman when you need her?It was once all so simple. Germany would top their group, which would mean England would avoid them if they won theirs. But these shock results leave me needing Carol Vorderman esque mathematical reflexes to work out the permutations.

So Germany have lost, which means they will probably finish second with Serbia finishing first. And as I write, Slovenia are beating the USA, which means if England win tonight, and then beat Slovenia, we will top our group. But we don’t want that now because it’ll mean we face Germany, who won’t top their group.

But if we come second, and then win in the last-16, England will face the winners of Group B, which will be Argentina, because they will top their group (unless Greece beat them by three goals, in which case Greece will top the group). So maybe we should try to top our group.

And as I write, the USA have scored a goal. I’m not sure what that means, but if they score another, they could top England’s group, which means… oh I give up.  Just give me one from the top and any other five.

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  • 73ray99

    Indeed. I will be interested to see what happens.

    I wonder if the England players are conversant in Arabic? Could be useful. Perhaps a lesson learnt from the last game is that speaking English can be a disability as much as an advantage. Perhaps. Or, perhaps not?

    It’s a really tough group. Doubtless, Germany will be playing with a tireless sweeper and Serbia will make use of what seems to be a large supply of deft touch footballers. Slovenia have looked “bright” so far. From what I’ve seen.

    England need goals, resilience and a bit of guile.

    Carol Vorderman. Perms and Cons? The possibilities could be large numbers. That, is for sure.

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