World Cup: A good day to bury bad news?

Simon Rice

palmer1 285x300 World Cup: A good day to bury bad news?It’s been announced today that the pitch consultants in charge of Wembley Stadium’s awful surface have resigned.

Considering the problems, described by Harry Redknapp as “ridiculous”, the announcement is no surprise – but doesn’t the timing seem more than just coincidence?

On the biggest day in English football for the last four-years, the state of a few blades of grass seem rather inconsequential. Had the announcement been made at the height of the problems or when the press have nothing better to talk about – it might have been rather a bigger deal.

Considering this, today would be the perfect opportunity to slip a few other announcements out there. How about revealing a player wage cap? Or what about the appointment of Carlton Palmer as the new head of England’s World Cup bid team? Or a statement from Tom Hicks and George Gillett revealing that they only bought Liverpool for a laugh?

There really is no sport story that could top today’s match.

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  • Zack

    I know one thing, the US scored a nice win today

  • XNibiruX

    LoL, I thought they would have resigned years ago.

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