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John Rentoul

dm 224x300 Blair hating updateBouyed by the success of its green-ink supplement last week, the Daily Mail has gone one further and printed an entire edition thus today (although it shows up in black and white in scans, right).

I refer the honourable reader to the reply I gave some moments ago. (Although I realise that this once-sacred piece of the parliamentary catechism will mean nothing to some of you: it was the ritual reply to the question on the order paper asking the Prime Minister to list his engagements for the day, which was the excuse to ask a supplementary question about more or less anything, until PM’s Questions was reformed in the early Blair years.)

However, it is worth noting, as David Aaronovitch does, the casual and offensive insinuation in the Mail article that Tony Blair and Janice Kelly, David Kelly’s widow, lied to the Hutton inquiry:

Witnesses, who included Dr Kelly’s widow, Janice, and Tony Blair, were not questioned under oath.

Meanwhile, in other Blair-hating news, the Mail failed to mention in its report of Tony Blair’s being awarded the 2010 Liberty Medal, that he would be giving the $100,000 prize money that he “rakes in” to two of his charities, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Africa Governance Initiative.

But then The Guardian didn’t either.

Update: The Guardian has published a correction. The Daily Mail has not.

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  • finsburyparker

    Not surprised he took the 'Liberty Medal',….Who else has taken so many 'Liberties' whilst in a position of trust & power?………Apart from G. Bushwhacker!

    G. Peasemould.

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