Is the net closing in on Tony Blair?

John Rentoul

He does read my blog after all! Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, is doing it just because he knows how much innocent pleasure it gives me.

utley 267x300 Is the net closing in on Tony Blair?Not only a column by Tom Utley (right) that pretends that the Mail knows what satire is. Not only a gossip column asking number 356 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No: “Is the net closing in on presidential businessman Tony Blair?”

But the question even uses “the net closing in”, one of my favourite Blair-hating clichés from the glory years of the cash-for-honours imbroglio, the “impeach Blair” looney tune and the anti-war court daydream.

The Daily Mail. It’s the complete package. And they can use that in their advertising if they like.

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  • BlairSupporter

    The Daily Maul – package of WHAT, JR?

    They try, they really try.

    Bless the sweethearts.

  • mishari

    Rentoul is an arch-Blairite toady of long and dishonourable service. Why the Indy give this maundering, disingenuous, neo-liberal shill space is beyond me…

  • David Sketchley

    Rentoul – apologist for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Anyone who takes seriously anything this propagandist says needs their head examined…

  • JohnBEllis

    I KNEW when I clicked on the link for this that it’d just be another of those “questions to which the answer is no”.

    But at least, while I waited for the page to come up, I could sing “Let it be, let it be; let it be, oh let it be ….”!

  • NeilM639

    Like John Ellis before me, very disappointed!

  • NeilM639

    Like John Ellis before me, very disappointed!

  • Guest

    Quite so mishari, the degree of Rentoul's slavish support for this world class Shit can only be compared to that of a holocaust denier.

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