Tape reveals Mel Gibson to be a racist, as well as an anti-Semite

Guy Adams

oksana grigorieva mel gibson 240x300 Tape reveals Mel Gibson to be a racist, as well as an anti Semite

It’s been open season on Mel Gibson today, after the website Radaronline claimed to have heard a secretly-recorded tape in which the actor told the mother of his child (with whom he’s pictured): “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault.”

The ugly rant, which Oksana Grigorieva is alleged to have secretly recorded during a domestic dispute, comes three years after a drunken Gibson committed career suicide by informing an LA police officer that: “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

You can read a transcript of the recording here, and see robust condemnations of Gibson by the NAACP here and the Anti-Defamation League here. It comes days after he was accused of punching Ms Grigorieva in the face during another dispute, breaking her teeth and giving her concussion.

Hollywood dislikes wife-beating racists almost as much as it abhors anti-Semites, and quite right too. Since Gibson appears to be both, it seems unlikely that his commercial stock will recover any time soon.

But before you too rush to judgement, a very small note of caution: for some reason Radar has not published an audio recording of Gibson’s alleged comments. This may reflect a spectacular lack of news values on the website’s part, or it may indicate that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Time will no doubt tell.

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  • bobbellinhell

    I knew he was a racist years ago. I worked it out by watching Braveheart, which contains a fantastic collection of lies told for racist propaganda purposes.

  • davedavenotdave

    It’s no worse than the majority of the Fisk columns this paper publishes – just less subtle.

  • hammerstein

    WTF are you talking about!!! “A fantastic collection of lies told for racist propaganda purposes”. Now, I’ll admit that the makers of the movie “sexed up” certain facts but over all it was an artistic portrayal of life in Scotland under brutal English rule. Ever heard of the highland clearances?? This was when all of the north of Scotland was evicted from their homes, crude hut like dwellings that they were, to make way for sheep. This was done by the Lairds of the land after English lords degreed that sheep farming was more profitable than taxes from the Highlanders. Most were burnt out of their homes at night after they had gone to sleep. As you can see the movie only portrays the English in this light because of ACTUAL HISTORIC FACT!!!

    Ohhh.. and Mel Gibson should not be punching women in the face and breaking their teeth… but he is entitled to an opinion…. just like you bobbellinhell ;)

  • finsburyparker

    Never like Frank Sinatra, but, he had one helluva voice, the guy could sing!

    I still listen to him now and again, even though I visualize the ‘Mafia’ looking over his shoulder.

    Julian & Sandy.

  • ryhope1

    Why do most commentators consider it necessary to distinguish between racism and anti-Semitism? Are the Jews (that’s if you believe the Palestinians aren’t also Semites – but that’s a different matter altogether) not also a racial group?

  • primitiu

    i fully agree with your comment. i noticed the “Tape reveals Mel Gibson to be a racist, as well as an anti-Semite” as the ‘most viewed’ and decided to read what crap he’d come out with this time, only to find that the offensive tirade was primarily aimed at a woman. i do not understand why this wasn’t highlighted by the headline.

    but then neither do i understand why Andrew Denny thinks “that sort of thing will make two more [girls] ovulate on demand. The brutal truth is, that’s how sexual attraction works.” or why some of the more recent posts on here competely ignored the misogyny and stared banging on about muslims and jews.

    unless of course that means they don’t have to deal with something which, if not happening on their own doorstep, is happening not to far from it.

  • Christian Audigier

    Wow Mel Gibson…a racist?!…tell me something I don’t know please.

  • Christian Audigier

    Wow Mel Gibson…a racist?!…tell me something I don't know please.

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