Glastonbury 2010 – the best ever, but where do we go now?

Gareth Vipers

102516872 300x190 Glastonbury 2010   the best ever, but where do we go now?So, Glastonbury keeps getting better and better, but where will it end?

With the likes of Muse and Stevie Wonder offering potentially two of the most memorable performances ever to grace Worthy Farm, Glastonbury 2010 has been hailed the best ever (watch the angry comments come pouring in – nevertheless Michael Eavis suggested as much himself).

Relentless good weather, some astonishingly major support acts further down the bill and a marked improvement in ease and organisation culminated in a pumped up, excitable, and as ever sleep-deprived crowd that made for a great weekend. True Glastonbury veterans may well recount past weekenders featuring T. Rex, David Bowie, The Cure et al, but it seems the world’s biggest festival has been on the up and up in recent years.

The explosion of Kings of Leon and Jay-Z’s risky, yet entirely triumphant, performance in 2008, and last year’s emotional and spine-tingling Blur set provided the impetus for a blow-out 40th year, but the problem is what’s next?

After Stevie Wonder had finished on the ever so fitting “Happy Birthday” Eavis proclaimed that he already had “three huge headliners” in place for next year, but for a festival that really has been there and done that, playing host to the biggest acts of each generation, what are we to expect? It will be a sad day when a phenomenon so magical as Glastonbury becomes the clichéd victim of its own successes.

Having enjoyed the stars, sun burn and sideshows of Glasto 2010 first hand I suspect there’s life in the old girl yet, but it probably isn’t on the headline bill, the BBC highlights or Best Of album. Glastonbury will always draw the crowds for its historical headline forays, but its true magic lies in the way it reinvents itself year on year. A club in the bombed-out shell of an old high-rise council block, 20ft high fire breathing robots, peep shows, igloos, whiskey dens and endless “special guests”. These are the things Glastonbury is made of, and these are the reasons it will probably continue to excite, hopefully forever.

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  • Nikki Owen

    Agreed Glastonbury 2010 was the best ever! Scissor Sisters/Kylie, Muse/The Edge, Florence, Faithless – I fail to see how they can improve without resurrecting Freddie Mercury but I’m keen to see them try! Roll on 2011!

  • digitalwasp

    Flo and the Machine, Gorillaz,Muse and the Scissor Sisters amongst others make it the best ever, you say? Oh do rinse out your ears, take your CD collection down to Sue Ryder’s immediately and sort yourself out, so-called music journo!

  • gvipers

    Of course such things are matters of personal opinion digitalwasp, but I think you’ve missed the point of this blog.

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