World Cup: Howard Webb – no good did come of it

Simon Rice

webb2 283x300 World Cup: Howard Webb – no good did come of itWhen Howard Webb was appointed as the referee for the World Cup final I wrote a piece entitled ‘Howard Webb – no good can come of this’.

It didn’t get the best reception from readers. “Is your life vacuous Mr Rice?”, “This is probably the worst thing I have ever read” and “What absolute rubbish” were a few of the heartier comments the blog received.

I suggested that if he did a good job, no-one would notice while if it went badly he would be vilified. It went badly and although I haven’t heard the press referring to him as Right, Said of Fred as I suggested, one Dutch newspaper did go as far as to call him a ‘chump’.

This isn’t a blog to say ‘I told you so’, but rather to defend Mr Webb. I thought he did an excellent job overall – his role was made nearly impossible by the Dutch. Many said he should have shown red to one of the Netherlands players in the first half, particularly to Nigel De Jong who performed a Matrix style kung-fu kick on Xabi Alonso. But I’m glad he didn’t. Too many games during this World Cup were spoilt by red-cards and I’m glad he resisted.

Overall he made the right calls. And to give you a little heads up, in tomorrows Independent and online as well, Sam Wallace will be going through every decision Howard made in the final, one-by-one and passing his judgement. I’m sure it’ll make for some interesting reading.

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  • Colkitto


  • Euracelt

    I live in your shadow.Now its two pints.

  • Colkitto

    Not at all now, I’m even prepared to listen to English football supporter read from a telephone directory …as long as he fills my glass up. Just have to tell you this one to square this legend about us mean Celts…. Scotsman and a Jew go into a Bar …..They are great pals..but they both stand there for two hours but neither of them has bought a drink yet…then… in a very distinctive Scottish accent “Two Large Whiskeys and two pints of Beer lass” comes a voice from one of them…Next day’s headlines in the Scottish Daily Record..’JEWISH VENTRILOQUIST BRUTALLY BATTERED TO DEATH IN ALLEYWAY !’…

  • Euracelt

    And the Aberdonian who went to a special 1939 prices “do” in the pub where the beer was 5pence a pint. “Why arent you ordering,? “said the barman
    “.Waiting for happy hour son.”

  • Spitefuel

    Anti-Semitism to go along with your Anti-English racism. Doing well Colkitto. Wonder what other groups you’re going to add to your list of prejudice? Thank goodness you’re not really Scottish as they’d be so ashamed.

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