Now we will take no lessons

John Rentoul

now 225x300 Now we will take no lessonsHear ye, hear ye. Two more additions to the Banned List.

35. Headlines beginning “Now”, as in “Now You Pay for Prison Parties.”

36. “We will take no lessons on x from y.” Tedious bit of parliamentary polyfilla. Jeremy Hunt’s first answer at Culture, Media and Sport questions today began, “I can confirm that we have no plans to change the impartiality rules, but we will take no lessons on impartiality from the Opposition.”

Thank you, Stephen.

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  • Neil McGowan

    Is this witless garbage supposed to be journalism?

    Perhaps the Indy can justify why they keep this Gauleiter on staff?

  • ninepoundhammer

    Is it some kind of record that the very first comment in a discussion is subject to Godwin’s Law?

    I loathe the “Now” headline so beloved of certain, ahem, newspapers. it just reeks of the mendacious, small-minded, ill-informed assumptions and deliberate misdirections contained in most of their stories.

  • Charles Barry

    Not quite as inexplicable as why you still bother reading it…

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