Seefeel return after 14 year hiatus

Larry Ryan

Featured Seefeel Live at Londons ICA 16 September 300x206 Seefeel return after 14 year hiatusGiven that everybody who’s anybody in the indie music world, and indeed a few somebodies who are nobodies (that’s a line jack-knifed from Woody Allen, folks), are currently using guitar noises straight out of the shoegaze era, it make sense that more of bands from that time will start to resurface.

It makes even more sense that the latest to come out of the woodwork would be Seefeel – who veered towards the electro/ambient end of shoegaze – given the continuing vogue for the ambient pulses of chillwave bands; Washed Out,  Memory Tapes et al. The band are best known for their ‘93 album Quique, which was given the deluxe reissue treatment a few years ago.

They return now with their first new material in 14 years; they will release ‘Faults’ a four track EP as a 10 inch single and digital release through Warp on 20 September. The four-piece contains two members from the original line-up, Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock, and two newcomers including E-da, a former drummer with Boredoms. They’re playing the ICA on 16 September.

The title track from the EP is available now and it’s rather good. They haven’t reinvented their template hugely but it does sound quite fresh too. Hear it below.

Via The Fader

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