‘Bush is a murderer’, ‘Pele is gay’, and Platini is, well, ‘French’

Simon Rice

maradona4 267x300 Bush is a murderer, Pele is gay, and Platini is, well, FrenchArgentina could only reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup, so when the Argentinean FA asked Diego Maradona to make substantial changes to his backroom staff it sounded like a fair request. And when Maradona could not agree to the terms, the logical conclusion was to go their separate ways, which is what has happened.

But Maradona couldn’t let it lie, and went on the rampage with a strongly worded statement. He accused AFA president Julio Grondona of ‘lying’ to him and director of national teams Carlos Bilardo of ‘betrayal’. Such is Maradona’s standing in Argentina, when he finished reading out his statement, it was met with applause by the press.

But should we have expected anything else but wild accusations and slurs from Diego?

In 2009, Maradona upped the stakes in his long running feud with Pele when he claimed that the Brazil legend had lost his virginity with a man. “What do you want me to say? He debuted with a lad.”

A couple of years back he claimed that England didn’t deserve to win the World Cup because Geoff Hurst’s ‘goal’ against Germany hadn’t crossed the line.

During this summer’s World Cup, he accused the Argentinean former Mexico boss Ricardo La Volpe of ‘treason’. “It makes me very cross, it has to do with respect. If a country has given you work and fed you, you shouldn’t go against this country. This is a type of treason, he’s overstepped the line. He should be grateful to Mexico because they made him rich but beyond that it’s totally out of place.”

During the tournament in South Africa he also claimed Nigeria would look to ‘rough up’ his side and hit out at Brazil for handling the ball: “Brazil are not playing well as they have,” he said. “But Brazil can take it all, even if they have to use their arms.”

Maradona recently hit out at an entire nation following derogatory remarks from Uefa president Michel Platini. “We all know what the French are like and Platini as a Frenchman thinks he knows it all.”

Maradona also has a few political views: “I think Bush is a murderer.”

All in all, it would seem that Maradona’s most recent outburst is about par for the course. When the miniature genius is riled, there’s no stopping him. And if you remain in any doubt, here’s his quote after Argentina qualified for the World Cup: “To those who did not believe: now suck my d**k – I’m sorry ladies for my words – and keep on sucking it. I am either white or black. I will never be grey in my life. You treated me as you did. Now keep on sucking d**ks. I am grateful to my players and to the Argentinean people. I thank no one but them. The rest, keep on sucking d**ks.”

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  • Dribbler Magazine

    Maradona is definitely value for money in a comedy-type-of-i’m-glad-i-don’t-have-to-spend-time-with-him kinda way….

  • hardrain_gonnafall

    Oh wow, you saw some videos so you must be an expert. What a joke. Maradona is famous for his big mouth, his use of drugs and being a cheat. Being better than Pele is hilarious as there have been many players like Puskas, DiStefano, Cruyff, Best, Koscis, Garincha and Law to name a few, who had more talent and class than Maradona ever had. As for your nasty insinuation of Pele, no one apart from you seems to care if he is or isn’t. Go back to your video world and leave commenting to those that have actually seen the players they speak about. LOL.

  • Rumdoodle

    Are you now saying someone can’t comment on any players they haven’t seen live? Which insinuation about Pele are you referring to?

    Denis Law? Now you’ve proven you’re do-lally.

    Puskas, Cryuff, Koscis, Garincha, Di Stefano? I suppose you saw them live as well. No? Then by your logic “leave commenting to those that have actually seen the players they speak about”.

    Maradona is famous for being a cheat? Only amongst bitter England fans. He did score the goal of the century in the same match.

  • Rumdoodle

    He got further than Capello did.

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