It started with a chicken: Fable III opening cinematic released

Michael Plant

Fable III 300x201 It started with a chicken: Fable III opening cinematic releasedA chicken cluck is hardly the battle cry to spark revolution, but the road to victory in ‘Fable III’ is a treacherous one and you’ll need all the followers you can get to start the rebellion. Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have teamed up to offer a revealing glimpse into their upcoming adventure ‘Fable III’, due to launch on 29 October.

The unlikely site of a chicken dashing through city streets and hurtling through the air isn’t exactly the most auspicious of beginnings, but said chicken’s exploits do provide a vehicle by which the daily struggles of Albion’s citizens can be witnessed.

The game’s (more human) hero will vie to take a stand against his sworn enemy, the tyrant king Logan, who also just so happens to be his brother. Developers, Lionhead, are promising action, drama and humour as well as a rich and engaging story; so prepare to gear up and put up a rebel’s fight to win freedom for Albion’s oppressed and downtrodden citizens.

If after watching the video you can’t wait until late October then you can always head to the ‘Fable III’ Village Maker character creator tool and bring your very own villager to life – well as long as you’ve pre-ordered the game to get the promotional code.

Expect more on Fable III soon as its release draws ever closer.

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  • Adam979

    I think you meant unlikely “sight”. “who also just so happens” Do you even bother reading through your own work?Commas are overused. Sentence construction is poor. This is odd as it is not even a huge article. Dude you get paid to right about games, can you at least try please.(Apologies if comment appears after the edit and doesn’t make sense!)

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