Dead Rising as zombies gather outside Parliament

Michael Plant

Zombies1 286x300 Dead Rising as zombies gather outside ParliamentOver 50 zombies staged the UK’s most unusual political protest yesterday afternoon, as representatives from political party ‘Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality’ — which fielded candidates in this year’s UK General Election — took their cause direct to Parliament.

The protest was supported by Capcom, the publishers of the impending zombie holocaust videgames Dead Rising 2 and it’s online-only prequel Dead Rising 2: Case 0 which launches on Xbox Live Arcade today for a mere 400 MS Points (approximately £3.40). Having already had the chance to partake in Chuck Greenes exploits against the undead hordes I can confirm it’s well worth the download — expect a review in this Friday’s Games Review Roundup.

CURE party leader Harry Cole was joined by a crowd of the undead, demanding that zombies receive the same basic rights as the living. The crowd held placards proclaiming ‘Zombies are people too’ and ‘Bury the coalition’.

‘With the coalition treating the electorate as zombies, we thought we’d illustrate the strength of feeling by bringing our cause direct to Parliament,’ said Harry Cole, leader, Citizens for Undead Rights & Equality. ‘We fielded candidates in four constituencies in the UK General Election, and only came last in one of them — it’s clear our manifesto already appeals and, now we’ve taken our cause to the heart of Government, we expect our manifesto to gain wider attention.’

More information on CURE visit and check out the trailer for Case 0 below; just try not to get bitten:

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