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imelda may 207x300 Friday playlist: Imelda MayRenowned singer Imelda May (profile here) has put together this playlist for us this week, and explained her choices below.

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‘Hard headed woman by Wanda Jackson’

Magnificent track, originally recorded by Elvis. I love that she took it and made it her own. I was delighted to sing it with Wanda Jackson. It was a dream come true; she is classy, beautiful, charismatic and a fantastic singer. She is queen of rockabilly, original rock-and-roll ladies.

Billy Fury – ‘Gonna type a letter’

I love that song. I am a fan of Billy Fury- I think he is a terrific rock and roller. I mean in England the most famous English rockabilly would have been Cliff Richard in his hayday, but Billy Fury was a fantastic Liverpudlian man. He is so so cool and I love his fantastic voice, and I love this song in particular.

I love the way he sings and the horns play a whack riff all the way through, it’s brilliant. Every time that song comes on I have to replay it over and over.

Stray Cats – ‘Stray Cats strut’

This is a classic, brilliant brilliant song, with a jazzy feel to it. The melody is lovely. Once they play it everyone starts singing like crazy. Darrell worked at Slim Jim for a while so he was singing and playing each night and I saw the crowd reaction to the music. We did a 2-day gig with the band, the New Yorker, and all these fantastic people turned up from David Bowie to Meatloaf.

Billie Holiday – ‘Im a fool to want you’

I’ve been a fan of Billie Holiday since I was 15 years old. Through Diana Ross it came on TVs ‘Lady Kings of Blues’. I’d never heard this music before and I fell in love with it. I got a token for HMV and got my brother to go in there- it was the fourth record and it was a Billie Holiday track.

I remember when I heard ‘Lady in Satin’. The song has gorgeous sentiment, she gave all the emotion over- she sounds a little worn and she is basically giving her self over. Brings a tear to the eye!

The Cure – ‘The Love Cats’

Brilliant song, I remember when this came out. I went crazy for it, I love the double bass at the beginning, just a fantastic song

Charlie Rich – ‘Close doors’

A beautiful song. Myself and my husband had it at our wedding. He’s a great piano player, writer and singer.

Teddy Wilson ‘Blues in C sharp minor’

I bought this because Billie Holiday was on some of the tracks and I thought I would check it out. It sounds like a jam they recorded. It starts with double bass and it just leads it, then the rest of the band seek in and before you know it the whole band is playing. Bit by bit all the instruments leave until the double bass is left again at the end.

‘Train kept a Rollin’ by Johnny Burnette-  Johnny Burnette is a brilliant singer.

I have the pleasure of knowing his son Rocky who sounds just like his dad, a great singer in his own right. But this is a terrific song it really slides along like a steam song. It’s defiantly a man’s song, but I’ve always wanted to sing it so I did.

Blondie- ‘Sunday Girl’ – I’ve seen Blondie a few times in festivals and I have got to go backstage. I met Debby Harry, which was wonderful. I love that they are still a current band bringing out great albums and great songs as well as the classic hits.

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