Must watch: Fight breaks out at US Open

Simon Rice

You would never get this sort of behaviour at Wimbledon.

During Novak Djokovic’s victory over Philipp Petzschner, an argument broke out high up in the stands. And it took a nasty turn as things got physical and those involved took a tumble over the seats.

What Sue Barker would make of it all is anyone’s guess. The most shocking thing ever seen at Wimbledon is how far Judy Murray can open her mouth.

Here’s the video, and thanks to Gawker for unearthing it.

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  • c

    Watched this three times.This guy is so entitled he cant MOVE OUT OF THE WAY FOR 30 SECONDS. I would have thrown this ahole down the stairs if i was there.I dont care if the old couple hit this guy twice and he didnt do anything physical,he was clearly asking for it.

    Its not your American right to be a jack*ss

  • titanic69

    Tennis always has the reputation of attracting a traditionally well-behaved crowd, but there’s definitely been a slight shift since around 2007.

    For example, at Wimbledon this year you had the Hanescu incident in which he spat at the crowd, after allegedly having been heckled & jeered by a bunch of drunks.

    In Australia, in 2007, you had a full-scale race riot between Serbs & Croats. And in 2009 the same happened following a match between Djokovic [Serbia] & [Bosnian born] Amer Delic. Also at the Aus Open, in 2008, police had to use pepper spary on Greek fans who got out of control during a Fernando Gonzalez v Konstantinos Economidis match.

    Even though the fight at Flushing Meadows appears to be out of character for the event, perhaps it’s still another indicator that tennis is now attracting a much broader clientle, and one that is a little unfamiliar with the sport’s long held traditions for gentlemanly conduct both on and off the court.

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