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John Rentoul

labour leadership candidates 150x150 Independent/Yoosk Labour Video Hustings Just in case you haven’t yet had enough of the Labour candidates, here’s a quick-fire hustings with a slight difference. Questions chosen by Yoosk (“you ask, we connect, they answer”); answers on YouTube video and collected here for your discriminating decision-making.

Do you think you would be well placed to lead a coalition government?

Ed Balls starts by accepting that David Cameron has “done quite a good job”, which is a nice line, turned into an attack on Nick Clegg for selling the Liberal Democrats short. Andy Burnham’s long answer repeats Ed Miliband’s earlier line that it would be “hard to work with the current leadership” of the Lib Dems, while Ed M himself avoids that pot hole for the cliché of “I’m aiming for a majority Labour government” — as does his brother. Diane Abbott says she has a broad appeal because “I do a TV programme” that is very popular.

If you became Prime Minister, which Coalition policy would you like to repeal the most?

Unexpectedly, Abbott comes across as most pluralist, saying, “Well, it’s the cuts package,” before going on to say: “Some of the things they say they’re going to do on civil liberties I actually support.”

By stubbornly refusing to consider any alternative to the replacement of Trident nuclear weapons, isn’t Labour re-fighting the political battles of the 1980s? Times have changed and opinion polls consistently show a big majority of the public now think that Trident should not be replaced, especially at a time when big cuts in public spending are forecast. Aren’t you out of step with public opinion on the issue?

Labour have criticised the coalition’s public spending cuts, but have not made clear where they themselves would cut. Where do you think the axe should fall?

Do you agree that it’s time Labour came out for gay marriage and stopped selling out the LGBT community? Will you fuse civil partnerships and marriage to make them available on equal terms to all eligible couples?

We know that all five have come out in favour of gay marriage, but it is fascinating to watch the styles and arguments of their different responses.

You can find all the videos and more, leave your comments and view others’ comments at Yoosk.

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  • Ciaran Rehill

    Geez Abbott if you support civil liberties why did you be a complicit part in the stripping of these under ZaNuLabour?

  • Charles Barry

    Interesting that for someone who has a reputation for being thuggish, brutish and a bit of a bully, Ed Balls seems the most eloquent and sincere.

  • bigbread

    They are all quite dreadful.
    Labour is Toast.

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