Must watch: The best campaign speech of the year

Larry Ryan

If you haven’t yet seen this video, you must stop what you’re doing and watch it right now.

Phil Davison is a Councilman in Minerva, Ohio. On Wednesday he made a particularly passionate speech in his efforts to be nominated as the local Republican Party’s candiate for Stark County Treasurer. What follows is a masterpiece of modern oratory. Once more unto the breach, dear Phil…

It seems, sadly, that Davison lost out to Alex Zumbar of North Canton. His candidacy didn’t fail, though, for a lack of passion (perhaps the opposite).

(Via Gawker and the Huffington Post)

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  • Rhodri Marsden

    This is such a beautiful thing. There’s so many good moments I hardly know where to begin, but the point where I began to lose it was when he said “and a Masters Degree In Communication”, just after an enormous pause.

  • Larry Ryan

    Yes, it’s just so brilliant… I love how he clearly has all his stage directions and hand movements plotted on his speech. And how he keeps going back to the podium to read each sentence.

  • Rhodri Marsden

    If he was an actor, it would be the finest comic performance of the age. As it is, it’s still not far off. I feel very warmly towards him as a result, although I suspect we’d disagree over economic policy.

  • Larry Ryan

    After that performance you couldn’t help but vote for him and then regret it afterwards. Like all those people who voted for Boris Johnson because of Have I Got News For You.

  • pataki

    Is it bad that I find this funny?

  • Jenny Ramirez

    Lol take this as lesson in what NOT to do when giving a campaign speech!

  • Joseph Kelsall

    Sounds more like a candidate for the ‘Star Chamber’.

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