Princess Hijab veils Paris with black marker pen

Matilda Battersby

 Princess Hijab veils Paris with black marker pen

This short film profiles ‘Princess Hijab,’ an elusive graffiti artist who goes around Paris scrawling Hijabs and Burkas in black marker onto the faces of men and women featured in adverts.

According to her manifesto, the artist is out to ‘hijabise’ advertising. She targets cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and models like Kate Moss, seeming to ask if hiding a face behind a veil is any worse than hiding one behind make-up and air brushing.

Despite the recently approved Burka ban in France, Princess Hijab is allegedly a-political and claims to have no political, religious or commercial affiliations.

“Guerrilla art is innocent and criminal, ancient and dystopian, intimate and political. I chose the veil because it does what art should do: It challenges, it frightens, and it re-imagines,” the artist has said.

Find out more in the video hosted by Babelgum below:

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  • Oscar Weird

    As we say here, Yoo!

  • cocolamala

    the french burqa ban makes me so mad. obviously, banning burqas is just as oppressive as forcing women to wear them.

  • Jackie Baker

    I love it!!!

  • Guest

    So Princess Hijab is like a Muslima Banksy? Nice.

  • DaiSmallcoal

    Why is banning burquas so oppressive ? . France is – and has been for years – a ‘laic’ country. Muslims and others who want the privilege of living there should accept the ‘norms’ and customs just as I would if I wanted to move to Saudi .
    I live in a city where there are quite a few women clad in burquas. I find that ‘invasive’ and offensive. We don’t cover up faces in this country (UK) .

  • Idris

    “It’s easy when one lacks imagination to look right in the face of genius and see nothing.”

  • Cheb I Sabbah

    Nice one!

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