The stupidity of Newt Gingrich (Part 2)

Amol Rajan

98967453 300x200 The stupidity of Newt Gingrich (Part 2)I’ve tried to resist. It’s been tough, perilous, ache-causing stuff.  But I felt it had to be done.

Since first blogging about the stupidity of Newt Gingrich – here – I’ve read about the hypocrisies and ideologically motivated accusations thrown around by Mr 1994 and avoided revisiting them on Eagle Eye.

But it’s just impossible to read Maureen Dowd today and not draw attention, once again, to the horror of this man’s views.

As Dowd points out, Gingrich’s arguments against Obamanomics are now so hollow that he’s reduced to that trusty old friend of unthinking right-wingers, xenophobia, to denounce a president who is governing as a pragmatic centrist.

Mr 1994 endorses Dinesh D’Souza’s almost laughably fatuous suggestion that the one thing, the great unifying idea, to explain his shortcomings is nothing to do with his policies.

It’s because his father was a Kenyan. Doh!

Do read Dowd in full.

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  • gkelly12

    Our president–a pragmatic centrist? No. That was Bill Clinton. And even Bush, at least re: immigration policies.

    There are Americans who dislike this president’s administration precisely because of its policies (and proposed policies which get changed at the 11th hour due to public outcry). And there are journalists and politicians who like to try to make this racial, which it is not for the majority.

  • frankspence

    Amol Rajan just what planet are you on, obama a centrist??

    This President is the most Left Wing President which it has been Americas misfortune to have. The Stimulus Bill has achieved absolutely nothing, but like a good socialist this fact has not stopped him from throwing good maney after bad. In January 2009 he said if the Stimulus Bill was passed unemployment would not rise above 8%, in reality it has risen to 10% and dropped back to 9.6%, but in black and inner city precincts it is running in excess of 17%.
    Obamacare was essential we were told, now don’t get me wrong I think everyone should have access to Medical Care, but what sort of moron stands in front of the assembled TV cameras of the world and says, and I quote, “we must pass the Bill in order to find out what is in the Bill”, WHAT? Surely you read the Bill, then debate it, then offer amandments before the final Bill is voted into Law by which time we all know what is the Bill BEFORE it is passed? Then there is the inclusion of Student loans in the Healthcare Bill, just what has that to do with Healthcare?
    Then of course there is his take over of large parts of Wall Street not mention the Auto Industry. Now call me old fashioned but that sounds like old fashioned socialism to me, hardly centrist. On top of this we now have the Finance reform Bill, this we were told would stop a repeat of recent events. Yet when you examine the facts the melt down can be traced back to subprime Mortgages, these were NOT given by the major Wall Street Banks but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which are not included in the Reform Bill. It should also be remembered that Bush tried to regulate these institutions, but the Senate committee, of which Obama was a member voted it down. Nor should it be overlooked that these two institutions gave campaign contributions to Obama as well as Franks and Dodds the architects of the House and Senate Finance reform Bills, or the fact that they are now preparing to to give mortgages for the down payment of $1,000 whether you are on benefits or unemployed – oh well here we go again. And this is at the behest of two organisations Obama is especially close to, ACORN and SEIU both heavily left wing.
    Take the rose tinted glasses off and see Obama for what he really is, and if you want to throw the word stupidity around there are plenty of targets, Obama, Franks, Dodds, Pelosi, Reid etc.

  • properjob

    FRANKSPENCE: “if you want to throw the word stupidity around there are plenty of targets, Obama, Franks, Dodds, Pelosi, Reid etc”

    There’s a much easier target. Frankspence for a start. Some people wouldn’t recognise socialism if it came up and kissed Sarah Palin live on Fox News. Get off the ignorant high horse that turns ’socialism’ into a horror-filled insult and learn a little about the world. The real world – the one outside America, where democracies don’t depend on billions of dollars of ‘campaign funding’, and where a vote is worth making.

    Socialism is the policies of Scandinavia, where universal state provided health care is the envy of the world. The opposite is corporate-controlled America, where Big Business puts pocket change millions into lobbying an electorate so uninformed that Palin can put the fear of death, literally, through them by inventing death committees who will supposedly ‘decide’ who lives or dies. Now, insurance companies decide who dies, because they make billions that way – and America’s health care is the best in the world (if you have money) and truly Third World if you do not.

    Your politics are a mockery of democracy, but perhaps they are a true reflection of a young uneducated nation that has yet to find its feet. Maybe in another three or four hundred years America’s politics will be worthy of some respect, but at the moment, it earns nothing but contempt for its blinkered partisanship and the nonsense dribbling from GOP robots who put GOP victory first and their nation a very distant second.

    Greatest country in the world? In your dreams.


  • banjobailey

    Thank you, properjob, for your reply to frankspence. Well done. Although, there is no possibility that this individual will be capable of “learning” anything you have said. Learning anything about the world outside of his or her provincial territory is a threat to his or her identity. They are very similar to terrorists in this respect.

  • frankspence

    You really must stop making assumptions.

    First I am British but live 6 months of the year in the US.

    Second I have survived, and I use the word advisedly, four Labour administrations all of which have left the British economy in tatters – the last one being the wort of all. They have also left our traditions and constitution in tatters – again the last being the worst.

    Third it is not just the GOP that detests Obama’s and the Dems Policies but independents and moderate Democrats. Remember the British economy was healthy when Labour came in and look where they managed to get it. Obama took over a broken economy and has insisted on high spending which to date has achieved nothing except a huge amount of debt which is growing and must at some stage be paid back.

    Fourth it would seems to me that the one who needs to get out into the world.

    Finally I did not say I was in favour of the status quo so far as Healthcare, but even someone as limited as you must recognise that the cost of introducing a form of NHS Healthcare from scratch in a country of 360 million with 20 million illegal immigrants is impossible however desirable it may be.

  • properjob

    It matters not one jot where you come from, when you are an apologist for the right-wingers who are destroying America’s credibility. But for a Briton to live in such a complete state of ignorance about what constitutes socialism surely points to a serious lack of intellect – or a willingness to embrace the BS scaremongering language of Beck, Limbaugh and Palin (which would only be proof of that lack of intellect).

    Nobody said anything about introducing any form of the NHS, so don’t bother putting scarey words in other peoples’ mouths – and spare us the old ‘it’s the illegals that are bringing us to our knees’ nonsense – I take it you are a Daily Mail reader for at least six months of the year? (Interesting over-statement of the population by a mere fifty million to cement your non-platform, too).

    Some form of affordable healthcare is the only conscionable goal for the richest country in the world. Those in denial of that are moral pygmies in the clutches of Big Business and following sheep-like in the rank droppings of Beck, Limbaugh and all.


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