Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titles

Michael Plant

Move Image5 300x287 Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titlesPS3 Move, Sony’s motion control peripheral, hits stores on Friday and brings with it the release of a number of Move exclusives and updates to a select few existing games — most notably Heavy Rain, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and Resident Evil 5.

To get up-and-running you’ll need not only a Move controller, but also the PlayStation Eye camera — the same piece of kit required for EyePet. Your motions are then translated to screen by a clever mix of the camera detecting the glowing Move controller, and telemetry data mapped through the Move’s internal gyroscopes and accelerometer. More complex games might also require the navigation controller; a peripheral not too dissimilar from the Wii’s nunchuk though, at a pinch, the DualShock 3’s left analogue stick will suffice.

The good news is that the controller works beautifully, tracking your hand’s position and angle with a level of accuracy which leaves the Wii Motion Plus in the dust. The bad news is that, while accurate, it’s not exactly the revolution that the Wiimote was; an improvement yes, but without the ‘wow’ factor of the Wii upon its release. It also requires the player to be a couple of metres away from the camera; probably not an issue in many living rooms but worth bearing in mind.

Once activated Move can be used to drive the PS3’s XMB (that’s the console’s dashboard to anyone who isn’t au fait with the technical term) by simply shifting the controller from side-to-side with the back button pressed. When used in-game some calibration is usually required which, while a necessary evil, can become tedious on the hundredth time of asking. Still, it does mean you can use the controller while lazily slumped on the sofa, something which might not be the case with Microsoft’s Kinect. The Move will even change its colour to a variety of hues depending on the ambient light levels in your room, our experience has yet to see it fail — even in a well lit room.

So, what can you play with it at launch?

Sports Champions (Sony, £29.99)

SC 300x186 Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titlesThe inevitable sports release includes six events: table tennis, archery, gladiator duel, bocce, frisbee golf and beach volleyball and a more serious approach than the likes of Wii Sports. A lack of depth means that Sports Champions will serve as party game – rather than something you’ll play alone — but some of the events certainly show off the potential of Move.

For example, during table tennis the angle of your racket is perfectly in tune you’re your real-life hand, subtle flicks of the wrist will produce back spin and the system even detects if you physically move forwards, allowing the player to hit the ball nearer to the net.

Kung Fu Rider (Sony, £29.99)

Kung Fu Rider 04 300x226 Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titlesFeeling a little rushed in more ways than one, Kung Fu Rider involves madly plunging downhill on a variety of vehicles (if an office chair counts as a vehicle) while avoiding obstacles and mobsters. Alas, this was the one game which seemed to confuse both the Move controller and myself; requiring a somewhat overindulgent amount of button presses and gestures for such a simple game.

Definitely one which could have done with a little longer in development.

Start the Party! (Sony, £29.99)

MoveParty 03 300x237 Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titlesA collection of party games designed to get the whole family involved – what that tends to mean these days is hastily put together, shallow mini-games and that’s pretty much what’s on offer. One of two of the games stand out as great examples of what Move can do as the accessory is turned into a paintbrush or a torch but there’s nothing to keep you coming back time and again.

Having said that it’s fun (for a while) to see yourself overlaid on one of the game’s virtual environments (so-called augmented reality), but a lack of simultaneous multiplayer means you’ll have to wait quite a while for your turn to come around again; one for the kids.

RUSE (Ubisoft, £49.99)

RUSE 300x221 Closer Look: PS3 Move and the best of its launch titlesPerhaps the best game to show off the accessory’s dexterity is not a Move exclusive at all, but rather a game available on Xbox 360 and PC too. On PS3 RUSE is fully compatible with Move where it’s employed much as a mouse pointer would be.

It helps that RUSE is a full-bloodied, well developed title (review to follow tomorrow) but it shows the flexibility of the controller in almost any genre. Developer Eugen Systems even took the time to alter the colour of the Move’s glow as the action dictates, the peripheral changing colour to a murderous red when issuing attack orders for example.

While the Move exclusives are far from world beaters, each shows off the potential of the controller and hints at what’s to come. It’s clear that Move offers a level of precision absent in the Wii – not a slur on Nintendo’s ageing console but merely a statement of fact.

With titles on the horizon including first-person shooters (Killzone 3, SOCOM 4), driving games (Gran Turismo 5), real-time strategy (RUSE as already mentioned), fighting (The Fight: Lights Out) and whatever genre you’d class the amazing looking LittleBigPlanet 2 as, it’s looking likely that the Move could become PS3 controller of choice for many.

Direct comparisons to Microsoft’s Kinect are hard to avoid – particularly since Kinect has only been seen at press events so far. However, as Kinect’s lack of physical controller makes it hard to see how it could be utilised across all genres, it’s arguable that Move’s flexibility might in the end see it take the crown of this generation’s best motion controller. Thoughts?

Move pricing structure:

PlayStation Move Pack (PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, starter disk) – £49.99

PlayStation Move controller – £34.99

PlayStation navigation controller – £24.99

PlayStation Eye camera – £24.99

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    PS3 provide the best collection of the games, which people enjoy playing. The popularity of games bring PS3 move and the best of its launch titles which is really a good news for the PS3 players.

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