Boris Bikes dressed for London Fashion Week

Simon Usborne

TFL Bike Image 300x225 Boris Bikes dressed for London Fashion WeekLondon Fashion Week starts today, so there wouldn’t appear to be much of a reason to post on the bike blog. Cycling, after all, is a fashion disaster area, isn’t it?

Nooo! Well, it can be, as you’ll have seen, but there are examples of sometimes surprising clashes between the worlds of fashion and bikes.

I wrote about Sir Paul Smiths’ obsession with riding yesterday, following an interview with him last month. He’s easily the biggest bike fan in fashion land, but equally fixated is Jean-Pierre Braganza, a Canadian-born designer rarely known to navigate the streets of London by means other than the bicycle.

Now Braganza, who showed his new collection this morning, has made his mark on the capital – literally – by teaming up with the London Cycle Hire scheme to roll out limited edition Braganza bikes (click pic to enlarge). They’re Boris Bikes in disguise, having been plastered from bars to forks in an eye-catching pink print based on one of the designer’s scarves.

Whether or not we’ll see models and fashion journalists nipping between shows on hire bikes during fashion week remains to be seen but it’s not a bad endorsement for a fairly dorky bit of kit. And a bit of kit that has been a big hit since its launch in July. There were more than half a million journeys on Boris Bikes in their first six weeks and I’ve seen people riding them who wouldn’t previously have been seen dead on a bike.

Obviously I’ll stick to my own bike – because I’m a snob – but anything that goes some way to rescuing the reputation of the cyclist is to be applauded.

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