What Christine O’Donnell did to Mel Gibson

Stephen Foley

104230786 300x200 What Christine ODonnell did to Mel GibsonForget witchcraft. There’s one toxic issue that Christine O’Donnell REALLY doesn’t want you to know about her past.

She dabbled in public relations for Mel Gibson.

The sullied name of Hollywood’s Jew-bashing, girlfriend-baiting star was removed from the Tea Party pin-up’s resume, the moment that the Republican National Committee got its hands on her website following her surprise win in the Delaware Senate primary.

A web archiving software start-up called Perpetually has been keeping tabs on candidates’ websites, just in case they want to bury some of their earlier positions as the election nears.

Back when Ms O’Donnell was just a loony fringe candidate, she was proud to boast:

Christine has served as a marketing and media consultant to various clients, including: Mel Gibson; Natalia Tsarkova, the Vatican’s first female portrait painter; and non-profit organizations such as the World Education and Development Fund, a charity that provides scholarships to children in poor communities throughout Latin America.

These days the list of “various clients” start with “Icon Pictures’ The Passion of The Christ”.

We wouldn’t want Ms O’Donnell’s name to be coming up in Google searches alongside Mel Gibson, now, would we?


Disclosure: The author’s partner is founder and chief executive of Perpetually.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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  • BrunoDiderot

    She thinks that the Universe was created in 6 days (per first of the two versions of “Creation” in the Book of Genesis).

    And so do most Americans.

    . . . and THAT’s why she has an excellent chance of being elected.

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