Could we action that parameter

John Rentoul

600px Varying the Value of Parameter K 1 effect on lacZ 3D 300x259 Could we action that parameterTwo additions to the Banned List. Tom Harris, for whom I urge Labour MPs not to vote in the Shadow Cabinet election because he says he will give up blogging if elected, and Mark Wallace point out that action is not a verb. The Committee has approved that addition to the Banned List, as no 39.

And Steve Richards, my esteemed colleague on The Independent, is in breach of no 40, the ban on parameter. In fact, I guess that he was caught by a sub-editor, who correctly changed the first parameter to perimeter. Unfortunately the second use was left in, this time as perameter.

Steve’s column is excellent, of course, except that the very perimeter of acceptable debate about the market of which he complains is nonsense, a device of Ed Miliband supporters to pretend that a tabloid campaign to label him “Red Ed” is unfair. Ed M’s views are plainly to the left of both his brother and Ed Balls, despite mischievous attempts to suggest otherwise.

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  • porkfright

    Who is on the committee which decides on “The Banned List”? I think we should be told.

  • postageincluded

    I’d guess that to join the committee you have to be a love child of Mr Pooter and Mary Whitehouse. Hard to imagine anyone else prim enough.

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