Katy Perry’s cleavage: too hot for America

Guy Adams

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To the extremely long list of things which are apparently too racy for American television viewers, we can now add the upper chest of the pop musician Katy Perry, which was today removed from a forthcoming edition of Sesame Street.

The programme’s makers announced that a duet Ms Perry recorded with the puppet Elmo, released on YouTube earlier in the week, has been thrown on the cutting room floor after her somewhat scanty outfit (pictured above) sparked complaints from the parents of young fans.

“In light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on YouTube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers,” read a statement from the show’s broadcaster, PBS.

The clip (which you can watch here) will not now be broadcast on TV next Monday, and it has also been pulled from Sesame Street’s YouTube channel, added the spokesman. Versions elsewhere on the video streaming website have since garnered many millions of “views.”

Like many of the things which upset our prudish transatlantic chums (remember the hoo-hah over the fact that Janet Jackson flashed a bejewelled nipple for about half a second at the Superbowl a few years back?) it is, of course, difficult to work out what exactly is supposed to be so offensive about the clip.

After all, if a few square inches of a woman’s chest are unsuitable for childhood viewing, then we must surely wonder what, exactly, America’s younger infants are supposed to do with their eyes each time they have a feed.

(Note: the first par of this entry was edited at 06.10 GMT to get rid of my erroneous description of Ms Perry as British. She’s not. Her future husband is. Mea culpa.)

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  • BrunoDiderot

    She gets banned because of cleavage.

    But Elmo runs around with no pants on ! Double standard, here . . . ?

  • northlondoner

    I am pleased that you included a picture of Katy Perry in the dress. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about …

  • davedavenotdave

    Next to be banned: breast-feeding. How inappropriate is is to bare an entire mammary and then stick it in your kid’s mouth??!!!111!!!111!!!!!eleventy

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