Culture Club: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Jack Riley

Untitled 13 300x205 Culture Club: Wall Street: Money Never SleepsMoney never sleeps, so the title goes, but you might just find yourself nodding off during Gordon Gekko’s second outing, at least if Anthony Quinn’s review from Friday’s paper is to be believed.

“The film dithers over how his destiny should play out, offering us the regretful father, the post-crash moralist, and the lizard king with a deadly tongue. Which Gekko should it back? Can it fudge a compromise between all three? Stone knows that the devil still has the best tunes, and Douglas looks up for doing his dirty work. But the film’s writers have wimped out of giving him his due. Maybe they were having lunch.”

Nicholas Barber agreed with Anthony Quinn that the film fails to live to to its predecessor, although he was suitably impressed by the pace and style of the opening few scenes.

“The film’s opening sweep is everything you’d want it to be: a meaty, propulsive drama fuelled by equal-parts adrenalin and testosterone. As its impeccably tailored protagonists sit around boardroom tables, puffing cigars, the thrilling realisation arrives that you’re watching a mainstream Hollywood entertainment that’s actually aimed at grown-ups.”

So our critics have found little to cheer about Michael Douglas’ new movie. But what do you think of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps?

Leave your thoughts below and some of them will be reprinted in the paper next week.

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  • Ciaran Rehill

    Last week was supposedly “Downton Abbey”. I actually bought a dead wood edition to read out it. No appearance. Please tell me it was not too “hot” (like comments on the Saunders inquest) for The Indy.

  • Jack Riley

    I think it got swapped out because of a paucity of feedback actually, Ron.

  • The Daily Satire

    Follow ups to iconic films like that always dissapoint. And the original was iconic – even if it was iconic for the wrong reasons with everyone wanting to be the guy that was actually a complete (something rude).

  • Ciaran Rehill

    It wasn’t much of a programme anyway. What is the cut off point for future reference? 5 comments, 10? To what standard should comments be? I’d like Indy staffers to have a points system like Strictly Come Dancing. Can you get me that Anne Widdicombe’s autograph?

  • Mihail Krepchev

    Poorly written, even a top-notch director could not save it. Scene-for-scene it is very much watchable (barring the odd disastrous bit of dialogue), but as a whole it lacks any focus.

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