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Untitled 19 Culture Club: Your thoughts on The Social Network

“As a premise, a biopic about the founder of an internet service sounds, at best, like a niche, straight-to-video affair. Perhaps the greater surprise is that, regardless of your investment in the website, this is a genuinely captivating tale. There’s really very little to fault here – Eisenberg excels in his lead role as the quick-witted (though disturbingly misanthropic) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the script is sharp (and surprisingly funny) and moves at a quick enough pace to keep things interesting. And for once, the computer stuff is done right; there are no klaxons sounding as the mainframe gets hacked through the back door, no super-computer megaviruses bringing the company to its knees, just a handful of geek-out moments that have been scripted by someone who’s actually used a computer before. Was that so hard, Hollywood?” - Lyall Williams

“The film wasn’t focusing on the claims and counter-claims. If anything this was merely the setting, or even the MacGuffin. The film is a tragedy. Its focus is the incredible irony that the man who created social networking as we now know it had absolutely no social graces. He begins as a broken man with only one friend, who goes on to create a network of 500 million people, yet still finds himself alone in a room, surrounded by walls and no one to call his own. It’s a magnificent film and easily the best of the year so far.” - Jonny 1982

“If you believe this sex, drugs, and rock’n'roll version of the story you are crazy! In my opinion the film doesn’t tell us anything more than is already known… The twins are made to look like comedy idiots. Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding president, played by Justin Timberlake, who co-founded Napster, comes off worst, and Mark Zuckerberg is clearly made out to be the villain. Who knows if this is the case or not!” - Clare McDowall

“I don’t think Zuckerberg will care if it’s fact or fiction based; it’s more Facebook publicity regardless.” - Christopher Noble

“I loved it! The critics are right – the depiction of women is awful. Still, it’s a fun watch, really fast-paced and very interesting too. I was particularly impressed with Justin Timberlake. He was so much better than I expected and looked totally different from his pop persona.” - Kat Moorish

“Not likely to be an objective documentary, is it… ” - Paul Fodz

“It was a well-directed, well-scripted, well-acted movie. I didn’t believe it to be true. I’m a grown-up… I don’t believe ANY movies to be TRUE.” - StuWho

“I’m not the greatest Facebook friend in the world – so it wasn’t my first choice of movie to see – but it was fast-moving and captivating.” - Sonia Richards

“The Social Network is such a fantastic movie and it was the young cast who really made it such gripping viewing. Jesse Eisenberg was fabulous as the creepy Zuckerberg and he got some great lines. I jumped from admiring him to loathing him all the way through the film. Justin Timberlake is also brilliant as the charismatic Sean Parker – he deserves an Oscar… something I never thought I’d say.” - Claire Barnett

“I hope the rest of the world finally gets to see what a prat Zuckerberg really is and he gets his comeuppance one day!” - L Robin Budd

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