Does the Spending Review spell death for the Foreign Office?

John Rentoul

 Does the Spending Review spell death for the Foreign Office?A warm welcome back to my series to Peter Oborne (right), now at The Daily Telegraph, who asks number 417 of my Questions to Which the Answer is No.

To recap.

Number 414: “Do we need ‘internet bill of rights’ to protect us from the likes of Google?” Asked by Tim Montgomerie about an article by Robert Halfon MP.

Number 415: “Can everyone lay off Stephen Fry now?” Asked by my good colleague Johann Hari.

Number 416: “Are the Islamist terrorists winning?” Asked by another good colleague, Ben Chu.

As Margaret Thatcher said, 30 years ago this week, “No, no, no.”

Thank you to Graham.

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  • porkfright

    Why drag Margaret Thatcher into this?

  • Ciaran Rehill

    But John, the fact that the FCO are refusing any compensation in the implementation of the Marper case shows how desperately poor Derek Walton, Harriet & John are. Down to their last G&Ts. The peasants are revolting. To the Finland station!

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