Must watch: The brilliance and buffoonery of Cristiano Ronaldo

Simon Rice

Whatever else is said about Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s no denying that he’s one hell of a footballer.

The Portugal star was instrumental in demolishing World Champions Spain 4-0 last night. Yet he should have found himself on the scoresheet with what would have been an incredible effort. But it was disallowed when former Manchester United team-mate Nani headed in the goal bound shot from an offside position.

Cue furious Ronaldo, throwing his captain’s armband on the floor, stamping his feet and basically making a fool of himself. Here it is…

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  • dhg

    Great goal by a great player, despite his faults on and off the pitch. Shame he has to play with a buffoon like Nani!

  • davedavenotdave

    Bloody awful decision from the ref, there.

  • giordano_b

    Nani was no buffoon – maybe a bit greedy. The linesman was a prat. Nani was clearly a yard onside. There was a Spaniard on the floor playing him “on”.

  • Indie_Pen

    Nani is the baffoon and Christiano was understandably annoyed and frustrated – why the hell would he try and claim the goal from another player’s brilliance??

    I have to say the ball looked beyond the line anyway and in a friendly officials should be looking to give entertainment the benefit of the doubt!

  • property lady

    That is annoying what Nani did, but Ronaldo didn’t have to react like that. But then, this is someone who Paris Hilton didn’t want to date because he wore flowers in his hair.

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