What an Ex-MP Did Next

John Rentoul

work at home 150x150 What an Ex MP Did NextI wonder who this female former MP might be, who is mentioned by Denis MacShane in his article about the crisis of European social democracy on Next Left:

One British Labour MP who could not find an ordinary job after the May defeat has been trading shares on her computer and made a tidy £32,000 in the last six months.

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  • Alberto Alessandro Manzi

    Jacqui Smith? Maybe a few shares in an adult film production company?

  • Ciaran Rehill

    Lembit Opik?

  • jeanshaw

    Using money made on expenses I shouldnt wonder!!!

  • VelocetteKTT

    Well John ,you could cast that eagle eye of yours over the 90 ish seats
    and you could probably make a good guess.
    - or just wait to read next weeks Next Left / Next Right / Mrs Smiths’ twit page .
    Or are we supposed to be “in the know ” already ?
    Beats journalism for a living .

  • SilentHunter

    Yes, my money would be on Jacqui Smith as well.

    However, the irony of Dennis MacShane commenting on the integrity of another Labour MP (ex) has not escaped me.

    The man who fiddled his expenses by trying to claim his garage was an “office”, commenting on honesty . . . Oh the integrity. LOL

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