Will Angela Merkel decide Britain’s next government?

John Rentoul

Labour+oldie+five 300x281 Will Angela Merkel decide Britain’s next government?Number 446 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No is asked by Richard Nabavi at Political Betting, keeping up Mike Smithson’s good work as Qtwtain’s most prolific contributor. Mike himself had just supplied number 445:

Are these five the clincher in the AV referendum?

This refers to a picture (right) of John Prescott, John Reid, Charles Falconer, David Blunkett and Margaret Beckett, all of whom are backing the No campaign for the referendum on electoral reform in May.

Their intervention will, of course, be a significant boost to the Yes campaign, but that is in any case a lost cause.

Thanks to Graham.

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  • Paul Odtaa

    Wow – I’m agreeing with you twice.

    The dirty half dozen minus one are a good reason to support the ‘yes’ campaign.

    The probability is that the on AV will probably be lost. Unfortunately the present coalition is a good example of a bad hung parliament. The LibDems negotiated badly and are blamed by many for the cuts and the increase in university student fees etc.

    If the vote fails where are the LibDems? They’ve compromised themselves for nothing.

    The backbench LibDems could then bring the government down.

    Interesting times.

  • Guest

    If voting no will help get the LibDems and Conservatives out the door and force a new elections, then no no no…..

  • sarntcrip

    Sadly Clegg has scuppered any chance of proper electoral reform with the pathetically weak bill which doesn’t provide for theGerman model of PRwhich has helped them win the peace over the last 40 years and to recombine with the former ddr whilke remaining the economic powerhouse of europewith rupert murdoch, the tories and labourrejecting even the model on offer they missed an opportunity to deal adequately with both the west lothian question and proper reform of the upper housethe oinly way there will be any change is if the electorate ignore the dominant tory media and both main political parties.
    Nick Clegg has doine the nation a massive dis service with this bill to the extent you wonder if he really wanted it anyway now a grown up voting system is as far away as ever a tradgedy for our country and real democracy

  • Asif Wahid Shah



    We can but hope this government is brought down. Half the liberal voters regreting supporting them, promises broken to students to vote against any increase in University fees. Labour is ahead in the polls and is it no wonder!

  • Paul Odtaa

    I suspect a lot more than half Liberal voters regret their decision. The LibDems are being used as a Tory shield to actually produce cuts far in excess of the Tory manifesto.

    Nick Clegg and Dennis Law’s slapping George Osborne’s back after he announced his budget cuts finished it for me and I expect many others.

    The party has to ditch Nick Clegg relatively soon or it will be reduced to a few MPs, ie those seen as good constituency MPs.

    I have a problem in that Vince Cable is my MP and the only real opposition is the Conservatives. So no real democratic choice. I would vote for Labour under Mr Ed.

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