Will the World End in Six Months?

John Rentoul

A Questions to Which the Answer is No special. From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

no1 Will the World End in Six Months?

Numbers 442, 443 and 444. “New rule for science journalism: If your article can be summarised as ‘No’, don’t write it.”

Thanks to Arieh Kovler. Follow him on Twitter.

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  • jaundicedi

    Should we worry about AGW?
    Did Gordo save the world?
    Does Tony Blair regret anything?
    Will the Middle East ever become a friendly neighbourhood?
    Is David Cameron a conservative?
    Is the EU leading us to a better brighter future?
    Does PC solve problems rather than hiding them?
    It’s better to be a young idealist than an aging cynic (sex excepted)?

  • Paul Odtaa

    I’ve just read the online version of the Daily Mail. Apparently the end of the world is today. A whiteout will destroy England, (and may apparently affect London).

    With England, (the pivot of the world), so the world is doomed. House prices will rise, or possibly collapse, (depends which page of the DM you’re reading).

    So the six months end of the world is far too late.

  • peterjn

    of course he did

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