Is Ed Miliband Labour’s Rolf Harris in disguise?

John Rentoul

rolf Is Ed Miliband Labours Rolf Harris in disguise?Number 452 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No is asked by Peter Kenyon, the indomitable Labour activist.

They have been coming so fast that I need to catch up.

451: Is Wikileaks a front for the CIA or Mossad?

450: Are there any lengths to which Julian Assange will not go to slag off America and compromise the security of the west?

449 (asked on Twitter): Should I stop following @TomHarrisMP? He’s growing increasingly frustrating by the day…

448 (also on Twitter): Is that number 448 in @JohnRentoul ’s series? (Of Vincent Moss’s question: “Should MPs like Tory Mark Spencer get thousands for ’second jobs’ as cllrs at time of huge town hall cuts?” because the answer was never going to be Yes.)

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  • DonRob

    utterly pathetic group attack by the disgraced Blairites on anything new, anything doubting neoliberalsim. After the implosion of deregulated markets, this is the donosaurs’ last roar! Oooh, shudder!

  • SilentHunter

    Actually, the Lemur has more of the Milliband look about him than Rolf.

    It’s the eyes. (shudder)

  • dumbganda

    The problem with Labour is that every time someone tries to modernise the party, he ends up getting thrown out. That happened to the ‘gang of four’, Tony Blair et al.

  • Guest

    I thought this was a joke about ”can you tell what it is yet?”

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