Verb Oten

John Rentoul

Number 53 on The Banned List is toilet used as a verb.

Thank you to Tania Kindersley, who heard a woman on the radio talking of “toileting, feeding, etc”.

No thanks to Simon Gardner, who says that the full Oxford English Dictionary has: toilet, v. “To perform one’s toilet, to wash and attire oneself” * First use of ppt. 1864.

And thanks to Arieh Kovler, who drew my attention to this:

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  • trottitout

    ich habe keine ahnung. was is das fur eine betreib!

    ( and yes,, I did “borrow” this from a poster, susangalea) if the cap fits and all that sturm und drang. someone’s gotta cheer up this boring blog.

  • Ciaran Rehill

    I was going to post here but was distracted by an ad for condoms. JR is there something you wish to share with us?

  • BrigitteChristiane

    Is it the puzzle of the day?

  • Charles Barry

    “I was going to post here but…”

    You ended up posting anyway.

  • zochoten

    I haven’t got a dictionary so can’t check, but I wonder if “blogging” is yet a verb? That is as far as the Oxford English Dictionary is concerned. My spell checker doesn’t even know how to spell it so maybe not.

  • TimHedges

    Everyone knows ‘toilet’ is an adjective. I once played against a cricket team which would penalise its players for minor sins, one of which was ‘toilet bowling’.

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