Is this like Blair rage?

John Rentoul

pg 8 clegg afp gett 501957a 300x2041 Is this like Blair rage?The vicious tone of some of the opposition to Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrat leadership over tuition fees raises the question of whether something deep and unpleasant has changed in our political culture.

Probably not. I seem to remember people being vitriolic about Margaret Thatcher, calling her a fascist and singing songs about her death. So, although I never satisfactorily resolved the causes and psychopathology of the unreasoning hatred towards Tony Blair, perhaps the law of It Was Ever Thus applies.

Each case is different, of course. Clegg and the 35 other Liberal Democrat MPs who failed to vote against the fees rise have unambiguously broken a prominent promise on an issue that matters to a lot of people, even if it does not directly affect most of the students who protested yesterday.

So when they are accused of betrayal that is a factual point, rather than something to do with the internal architecture of people’s heads.

And the physical violence, which was largely absent from all street demonstrations against Blair, is frightening in a different way from the passion, moral certainty and ignorance that characterised Blair-hate and Thatcher-hate as much as Clegg-hate.

Still, there must be a part of Blair that is relieved that he is not the most hated politician in Britain any more.

Photograph of students hanging Nick Clegg’s effigy: AFP/Getty.

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  • JohnJustice

    Typical symptoms of Blair rage. 100% certainty while ignoring all arguments to the contrary.

    Having read your exchange with BlairSupporter I somehow thought you were better than that, Kamal.

  • JohnJustice

    People like you only believe their own kind of truth, whether or not it is based on fact and logic.

  • mishari

    …or how they’re fawned on by vapid toadies and lickspittles like you.

  • JohnJustice

    The most reliable estimates of Iraqi civilian deaths is in the region of 100,000, much too many of course but caused mainly by insurgents going for the softest of targets and using civilians as human shields.

    Razcat has answered your point about the Iraqis being freed from tyranny, however much the words obviously stick in his throat. How you can acknowledge the despicable nature of the Saddam regime while rejecting any opportunity to overthrow it is beyond me.

  • liathach

    John, That is silly-you don’t know me at all-how can you speak of “people like you”. Please stick to the issues. The point I raise is held by many currently-namely that politicians in the West have surrendered too much to corporate interests and trust in them is at a low ebb.

  • Chib51

    Who says they are reliable estimates? The same people who told you there were WMDs? The Lancet, which is more reliable than you, says over 1 million and 4 million refugees. I am watching The War You Don’t See by John Pilger on ITV, a succession of horrific facts and images – not propaganda – just truth of the type Assange exposed. It makes me feel dirty for even debating you and Blairlover et al. Evil men do what they do. Fools like you help them get away with it.

  • JohnJustice

    Did you know that Pilger had a verb named after him? To pilger, meaning to distort and exaggerate with a view to arousing maximum hatred against someone or something. Yes, evil men do what they do and people like you allow them to get away with it.

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