Piece of paper for Ms Eagle

John Rentoul

hst 261x300 Piece of paper for Ms EagleThat “blank sheet of paper” line has not been helpful to the Labour leader. Now Maria Eagle is using it in The Guardian to suggest that the high-speed rail line to the north might be dropped:

As Ed Miliband has said, we rightly start with a blank sheet of paper – that sheet doesn’t have a high-speed train line already running through it.

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  • LancashireLad

    Blank sheets of paper are like stories before they are told, lives before they have been lived and Tony Blair’s expense accounts before they have been examined.

  • Whyshouldihavetoregister

    And LancashireLad’s brain at all times in all places.

  • Guest

    As Ed Miliband regards that blank sheet of paper, he might reflect on the ineluctable truth that the country is in its present economic mess because of Labour’s incompetence. And who was at the heart of Labour’s economic thinking and planning for more than a decade? Ed Miliband.

    Mr Miliband was speechwriter and researcher to shadow chief secretary to the treasury Harriet Harman in 1993, then for shadow chancellor Gordon Brown the following year. Following Labour’s general election victory in 1997, Mr Miliband was one of Mr Brown’s special advisers. In 2004 he was made chairman of the treasury’s economic advisory council, responsible for the UK’s long-term economic planning.

    From the time Labour took office, enjoying a budget deficit/surplus of around parity; during the time that the budget deficit was ballooning to its eventual figure of £143 billion; through the selling off of 60pc of Britain’s bullion reserves at roughly a quarter of today’s price; and the shrinking of Britain’s manufacturing industry from around 20pc of the economy to 13 per cent – with the loss of more than a million manufacturing jobs, Mr Miliband’s sticky fingers were all over the government’s fiscal policy.

    Mr Miliband can start with a blank sheet of paper, but he can’t unblot his copybook.

  • Guest

    Is this the same Eagle who went on Radio 4’s Today to criticise Channel 4’s Brass Eye Paedophile Special despite not having seen the programme?

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