The Tenuous Link Prize

John Rentoul

article 1337506 0C6F399B000005DC 45 634x433 300x204 The Tenuous Link PrizeTenuous link prize goes to the Daily Mail, and not for copying out the Press Association report that Charlie Gilmour’s father’s bandmate Roger Waters, whose father was killed in the Second World War, wrote some lyrics about soldiers.

No, the Mail manages something even thinner:

Gilmour’s* maternal grandmother, Esther Cheo Ying, was of Chinese descent and served as a major in Chairman Mao’s Red Army – not renowned for its tolerance of protesters.

*I think that this means Charlie not David.

Photograph of Charlie Gilmour with red flag: Tristan Gregory

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  • Sterling77

    Having desecrated our Union flag and the Cenotaph, Gilmour should be sent down. I bet the Pratt can’t take his punishment like a man.

  • Ciaran Rehill

    Gilmour is adopted, your theory falls down.

  • razcat

    “desecrate” is quite a strong word for what he did, though i’ll accept it does fall within the bounds…. but prison time ? Really ? Really Really ??? Don’t you think that would be exaggerating just a tiny wee little bit ?
    By the way, how SHOULD a man take his punishment ?

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