Anti-Politics Sentiment Engulfs Lib Dems

John Rentoul

article 0 0C6ABBE1000005DC 568 468x654 214x3001 Anti Politics Sentiment Engulfs Lib DemsAll three party leaders have negative ratings in tomorrow’s Independent on Sunday/Sunday Mirror Poll, and the Liberal Democrats are on the lowest ever vote share in a ComRes poll.

Voting intention

Lab 39% (-1)
Con 37% (+1)
Lib Dem 11% (-1)
Other 13% (+1)

Comparative figures from ComRes/Independent poll published 30 November.

Ed Miliband is turning out to be a good leader of the Labour Party
Agree                    17%
Disagree              33%
Don’t know        50%

Nick Clegg is turning out to be a good leader of the Liberal Democrats
Agree                    26%
Disagree              49%
Don’t know        26%

David Cameron is turning out to be a good prime minister
Agree                    38%
Disagree              40%
Don’t know        21%

Nick Clegg has the largest gap between those who agree and those who disagree (23 points), with Ed Miliband in second place (16 point gap between agree and disagree) and David Cameron doing relatively well with almost as many agreeing as disagreeing that he is turning out to be a good PM. Only 39% of Labour supporters think Miliband is turning out to be a good leader and 51% decline to offer a view.

Looking back in a few years’ time, Gordon Brown will be regarded as a good prime minister
Agree                    22%
Disagree              58%
Don’t know        20%

Not even half of Labour voters – either current supporters or those who voted Labour in 2010 – agree.

Violent demonstrations can be justified if politicians fail to keep their promises
Agree                    20%
Disagree              70%
Don’t know        10%

There is a variance by age: fully 40% of 18-24 year-olds agree but only one in ten of those aged 55 and above; 32% of Labour voters are sympathetic to using violence in this situation, which is much higher than for Tory voters (6%) or Lib Dems (14%)

Water cannons should be used against demonstrators if they are violent
Agree                    64%
Disagree              22%
Don’t know        14%

The group most likely to disagree are, perhaps unsurprisingly, those who are most likely to get a soaking – 18 to 24 year-olds. By contrast, 77% of their grandparents’ generation think water cannon should be used. A majority of supporters of all mainstream parties agree that water cannon should be used – 51% of Labour supporters, 63% of Lib Dems and fully 85% of Tories.

ComRes interviewed 2,017 GB adults online on 15-16 December 2010. Full tables at ComRes.

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

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  • Joe Bauwens

    It is legal to photograph a police officer murdering someone, as long as you did not make prior arrangements with the police officer for this to happen.

  • Joe Bauwens

    Firstly water cannons don’t just soak people, they can cause real physical damage.

    Secondly not all these statistics mean what the author seems to think they mean. One could think Gordon Brown (or any other PM) was a good Prime Minister, but still think he would not be remembered as such.

  • BlairSupporter

    @ LL – I’ll only respond to one of these rhetoricals. (What do you mean they’re not rhetorical?)

    Number two – to which the answer is “No”, as JR might put it, if he could be bothered.

  • BlairSupporter

    John, the ComRes link goes nowhere. Haven’t any others (of your troof-seeker commenters) noticed this? Shows how much attention they pay.

  • LancashireLad

    Good attention to detail Mr BS, now explain to me how it was possible for Dr Kelly to place his blood stained cap by his left shoulder / upper arm?

    Did Dr Kelly position his cap with his right hand after dipping it in some blood when he was lay down?

    Or was he sitting and used his badly mutilated left hand to position the cap behind him in a position so that it would be adjacent to his left shoulder / upper arm when he lay down.

    If neither of these explainations works maybe someone else positioned the cap on orders from Mr Blair?

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