Did my text kill my sister?

John Rentoul

cosmo Did my text kill my sister? Number 472 of the series of Questions to Which the Answer is No is asked on the front cover of Cosmopolitan. According to my informant.

Who has read the article concerned and observes that texting and driving is not the fault of the person at the other end of a text exchange.

  • M.A.K.

    Your words have help to kill hundreds of thousands and counting. You shameless anti-journalist.

  • Gus Toplady

    Thy pay you for this?

  • the dude abides

    thank goodness I don’t buy the Independent any more.

  • Aa2zZ

    Is everyone else off on their Christmas holidays leaving John Rentoul to write the whole newspaper with a brush shoved up his backside to sweep the floors at the same time? I suppose that would explain the brevity and the strange wording.

  • Jake_K

    Please Allah, Buddha, God, Jehovah and Krishna, tell me he is going to stop this pseudo-intellectual whimsy at 500….

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