The Banned List is back. Get over it

John Rentoul

banned The Banned List is back. Get over itApologies, but I must re-open the Banned List. “Get over it”. Get over it. Forthwith.

Thank you to Conor PopeAlys and Calamitykate.

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  • had_it

    Please add
    “you know” (meaning “I don’t know of any evidence for what I want to say”),
    “than what” (in place of “than”) and
    “for free” (as opposed to “for expensive”)

  • Ciaran Rehill

    1. New Scotland Yard delenda est.
    2. Oderint dum metuant.
    3. Ferens copulare omnia localis (only for Hull university graduands and an unnamed female Blue Peter presenter who engaged in Hunnish practices with the Rugby XV after a party.)

  • coventrian

    Pleas add

    “Blair is innocent”

  • Guest

    Royal weddings, royal weddings and, let me see, royal weddings. In that order.

  • LancashireLad

    Slowly, slowly, they’re being smoked out!

    Mr Rentoul can object to my posts and have them removed, my posts can be complained about and censored. But the fact of the matter is the game is up!

    I shall be posting why shortly.

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