The 2010 “Questions to Which the Answer is No” Awards

John Rentoul

After a mid-year round-up of the best to date of the series of Questions to Which the Answer is No, I am now in a position to announce the best of 2010.

marilyn 282x300 The 2010 Questions to Which the Answer is No Awards457. Has Marilyn Monroe been reincarnated as a shop assistant called Chris? The Committee was unanimous, one vote to nil, in declaring this (right) Overall Winner for the year.

452. Is Ed Miliband Labour’s Rolf Harris in disguise? Winner in the Bizarre Political Comparison category.

384. Tony Blair: Britain’s Sarah Palin? Runner-Up in the Bizarre Political Comparison category.

461. Are the 2012 Olympics part of a plot to take over the world? Narrowly emerged on top in the hotly-contested Conspiracy Theory section.

455. Is the answer to this question ‘No’? Easy winner in the Smart Alec category.

291. Could Lib Dems win This Election? on 28 April. The successful nomination in the General Election category.

obama rentoul 300x200 The 2010 Questions to Which the Answer is No Awards417a. Does Barack Obama read this blog? Clear winner in the Self-Referential Picture section (right).

431. Zac Goldsmith: The most important politician of his generation? The Hyperbole Trophy.

373. Is the British middle class an endangered species? The Guardian/Daily Mail Crossover award.

362. Iran’s new hairstyles: are they a peace offering to the West? The Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Cup.

226 The 2010 Questions to Which the Answer is No Awards292. Has Noah’s Ark been found on a Turkish mountaintop? The Outstanding Effort Brass Plate.

226. Outright winner in the Picture category, from February this year (right):

It may also be worth repeating Rich Davidson’s question from November:

You realise if one question answer turns out to be ‘yes’ you’re finished?

To which the answer is Yes.

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  • LancashireLad

    Is there a connection between Dunblane and harrowdown Hill?

  • porkfright

    Quite possibly.

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