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John Rentoul

dcem 300x168 Son of BrownAnthony Wells at UK Polling Report summarises attitudes to parties and leaders in Ipsos-MORI’s latest poll:

For David Cameron, 30% of people like both him and his party, 39% like neither. 17% like Cameron but not his party, 7% like the Conservatives but not Cameron. Hence, in total Cameron is liked by 47% of people (down 6 since before the election) and the Conservatives by 37% (down 1) – while Cameron’s likeability has dropped somewhat since the election, he is still viewed considerable more positively than the party he leads.

For Ed Miliband, 25% like both him and his party, 31% like neither. 11% like Miliband but not his party, 20% like Labour but not their leader. Hence in total 36% like Miliband and 45% like Labour, meaning Miliband is less popular than the party he leads (although this early in his leadership it’s going to be largely down to people not really being aware of him). The comparable figures for Gordon Brown from before the election were 37% liked Brown and 43% liked Labour – not actually much different yet, though the reasons behind it are obviously very different.

Or possibly not very different.

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  • Brian Hughes

    As Denis Healey put it: “The figures are so often wrong”…

  • newfriendofed

    it is interesting how few Tories like their party but not Cameron. I guess that means Simon Heffer speaks for a very small constituency. J. R.s subtext, as ever, is that Labour would be better off with another leader. However, perhaps if this other leader were David M. those who like Labour but not their leader would have gone up astronomically. I would think, for example, that this number rose astronomically in T. B.’s last years.

  • petra_etc

    The more we get to see of Miliband, the more there is to find weird …

  • petersimplex

    Son of Rentoul? Heaven forbid.

    PeterS. (bottom dweller)

  • Oscar Weird

    If this column were written by someone else, fifty percent would still not agree with it, and the same proportion of people who knew JR would still not like him.

    As I used to tell would be speech makers, if you want your audience to stop paying attention, quote statistics.

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