Is Obama Already A War Criminal?

John Rentoul

obama 300x168 Is Obama Already A War Criminal?I saved up this gem for number 500 in the series of Questions to Which the Answer is … Well, What Do You Think? Oliver Kamm spotted it, which is fitting, because I stole the idea for the series from him in the first place (although, as the series started at 94, I should perhaps say in the 94th place).

My only thought is what took Devon DB so long? Doesn’t he or she realise that Barack Obama has been President for more than two years and has therefore by definition been a war criminal for more than two years?

As has, of course, Tony Blair. (Know nothing about this Global Research outfit, but I do like the reference to the anti-Blair protest – when I went it was of 30 people – organised by “Stop the Stop”.)

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  • stonedwolf

    Blair is worse than Hitler, not in terms of scale, but in terms of honesty.

    Hitler practised as he preached, even a brief read of his manifesto let you know “which side of things” that man was coming form. But Blair said one thing, the “I’m a nice kind of guy doing the right kind of thing guys”, whilst in private arranging the butchering women and children in their beds so he could get oil cash to his mates, before heading over and getting some for himself.

    Hitler would kill a four year old girl, on principle, because of her race or sect. Tony Blair wouldn’t kill a four year old girl because of her race or sect, but would do so if paid to do kill her – and providing she was of certain races and sects, but not of other races or sects. Hitler was murderously racist on principle. Blair is a murderous racist for hire.

  • CurtOntheRadio

    You don’t know much about Hitler?

  • stonedwolf

    Rather I know enough about Blair, and the pantheon horrors that he has
    caused, and that continue to this day, and might continue in effect forever.
    The people the Iraqis were, electrified, mechanised, with women going to
    University and getting degrees and doctorates, that might never return. That
    might have been the peak of Iraqi civilisation, with the catastrophe and
    maelstrom that has followed it might never rise above basked-case again.

    So yes, my friend, I know enough about Hitler to make the comparison to
    Blair the Butcher.

  • Phil Locke

    Go on, John, go a week without mentioning Blair in anything but fawning, sycophantic tones. I’m sure he’ll still let you play with his toys.

  • Phil Locke

    Actually, I have to know, John – do you get paid for this? I imagine it’s a similar arrangement to that of Burchill – £5 per rolled eye, £10 every time somebody mentally curses you. Seriously though – what are you getting paid for? I’m sure there are thousands of students (like myself) gnashing at the bit for a chance to do your job better than you do – whatever it is your function at the Independent seems to be.

    Please, don’t take this as a personal insult – I mean only to insult your writing skills, and the way you present your viewpoints in your pieces. Also, you’re smug.

  • CurtOntheRadio

    Sure, it’s easy to argue (and hard to avoid) the case for ‘Blair as war criminal’. Nevertheless, we don’t need – nor is there any reason – to pursue equivalences with Hitler.

    Having said that, I do think the invasion of Iraq was a crime against peace in the same way the invasion of Poland was. However, that doesn’t make Blair into Hitler. Come off it? As if mass-murder and a crime against peace aren’t enough?

  • stonedwolf

    There is need and equivalence, in my opinion.

    As if mass-murder and crimes against peace isn’t the equivalence itself, the
    principle crime that each man committed, the planning and waging a war of
    aggression, is identical. And they led to identical results – a maelstrom of
    death and horror and ruination.

    One does not need to “pursue” this equivalence – it arrives itself of it’s
    own accord.

  • CurtOntheRadio

    @stonedwolf below (it won’t let me reply beneath that post)

    I disagree about “identical results” – and I disagree with your equivalence pov.

    Regardless, it is immaterial anyway. The issue is the legality of Blair’s actions, not whether he is “just like Hitler” or not.

  • wakeuptheworld

    One should ask if John Rentamob is a journalistic criminal. Obama is trying to end a war his predecessors’ started– Bush and Blair, the jury is still out on that question, to whether they did enough to get the moral authority to start one in the first place; yet the public opinion has already passed judgement. I expect you would also accuse him of not closing Guantanamo Bay yet ignore he has been blocked by Congress.

    If you want to continue to write such rubbish, perhaps you should work for FOX, and everyone would know that you are a spin doctor or is it a witch doctor.

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