Caught & social: Sly Stallone paints St Moritz red

Untitled 139 197x300 Caught & social: Sly Stallone paints St Moritz red Look at this great mess, and then check out his artwork. That’s right, Sylvester Stallone’s back and he’s brought his paintings with him. But if you thought this was a new hobby, think again. The Rocky and Rambo actor has been painting for 35 years and yesterday he launched a retrospective of his work at the Gmurzynska Gallery in St Moritz. There’s no word yet on whether this complex and moving exhibition will be travelling to the UK, but you can be sure that we will let you know if it is.

Untitled 41 207x300 Caught & social: Sly Stallone paints St Moritz red Ronson prevents a decking

Professor Green ditched the suit he wore to the Brit Awards as he took to the stage at the Roundhouse in London at Mark Ronson’s show. It was a busy night for Ronson, who had to play both DJ and peacemaker at the party after the showat Proud Camden. Guest Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan squared up to security staff and Ronson stepped in to calm the situation. We blame the parents – anyone called “Ghostface Killah” was bound to get himself into trouble.


Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster are celebrating the birth of their second son, Aiden, who arrived weighing 7lb 10oz. Also celebrating this week was Paris Hilton, who turned 30. And what do you get for the girl who has everything? In Paris’s case it was a $375,000 Lexus. The gift came from boyfriend C y Waits. And it looks like Cy will be needing a lift straight away, as he was due in court in Los Angeles yesterday charged with driving under the influence of controlled substance. Speaking of controlled substances, Charlie Sheen has announced himself a supporter of fellow addict Lindsay Lohan. Sheen called a US radio show to say that people talking about Lohan shouldn’t “vilify without fact”. Sheen, currently in rehab himself, then said that Lindsay needed to “work on her impulse control”.

Talk about protection…Untitled 22 199x300 Caught & social: Sly Stallone paints St Moritz red

It was a case of prophylactic fantastic for Lady Gaga yesterday as the singer appeared in a “latex-condom inspired”outfit. The singer was appearing on Good Morning America to raise awareness for an HIV charity. She said: “I encourage women all over the world, and men, to speak with your friends, your parents, your sister, your brothers, your uncles, your aunts, all the loved ones in your life, about safe sex, about protection.”Wise words, although we’re not sure exactly how it looks like a condom. But by its awkwardness, we imagine it would probably be effective contraception.

Scene & heard

While Boardwalk Empire is riding high, Martin Scorsese has announced his next project. He is to direct The Wolf of Wall Street, which is based on the bestselling book by Jordan Belfort. In the lead role will be his golden boy, Leonardo DiCaprio, pictured. On the subject of new movies, Guy Ritchie is rumoured to be in line to direct Xerxes, a follow up to 300. If he gets the gig, it would imply that people are starting to forget the flops Revolver and Swept Away…. Speaking of beefcakes (like the ones in 300), Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be back on the silver screen. The former Governor of California said on Twitter that his agents “have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.” Oscar-nominated Javier Bardem is hoping to get a green light of his own – to star in Glee. Apparently he has approached the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, about a role. Bardem said: “I want to play this heavy metal rock’n’roll star… tattooed all over with nasty things in Spanish.”


“I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them. I think you should just wait for [that] person.” Justin Bieber tells ‘Rolling Stone’ his views. Lady Gaga (above) would approve

“I’m the only person living in Hollywood who A) does not want to act, and B) cannot act.” Victoria Beckham tells ‘Allure’ that ‘Spiceworld’ was her last foray into acting

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