Round Objects

John Rentoul

rubberstampgroupimage 300x300 Round ObjectsWhich Cabinet minister has a specially-made ink stamp with which to print “BOLLOCKS” on papers in his or her red box to which he or she takes exception?

I was reminded of this eccentric stationery fact, vouchsafed to me by a reliable source, by my discussion with James Forsyth on BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour this evening. After our recording we talked about the many instances of Coalition ministers – mostly Conservatives but even some Liberal Democrats – who have felt frustrated by the constraints of either European Union law or of law derived from the European Convention on Human Rights.

James reminded Caroline Quinn and me of the episode of Yes, Minister, in which the minister wrote “round objects” in the margin of a document with which he disagreed. Sir Humphrey asked: “Who is Mr Round?”

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  • BDP1979

    that story is from an episode of yes minister. The civil servant who wrote it was Sir Humphrey and the full quote was “who is Round and to what does he object?”

  • Odalchini

    Ever since a certain individual was parachuted into the top of the Labour Party as adviser to one G. Brown, the real-life euphemism has been “a load of Eds”.

  • AlanGiles

    What was the point of this contribution Mr Rentoul?

    Just to let us know the BBC invited you on to R4 yet again?. Well, they are dumbing down, I suppose……

  • Ciaran Rehill

    It is Bollox. I am outraged at the profligacy of using additional letters. In these harsh times we ought to pull together and f**king well ensure that this torrent of filth does not disgrace the virginal Kate Middleton.

  • tykejim

    I can see that there would appear to be no point so far as those who have had a humourectomy are concerned.

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