Is David Cameron eclipsing Barack Obama as a world leader?

John Rentoul

Number 523 in a series that keeps on giving, of Questions to Which the Answer is No. This one is asked by Nile Gardiner, one of the Pharaoh’s attendants at the Telegraph. No idea what he is on about.

cameron obama 300x200 Is David Cameron eclipsing Barack Obama as a world leader?

Thanks to Graham, Mark Ferguson and Paddy Briggs.

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  • BlairSupporter

    @ pfbulmer – SPOT on. There is not one American I know who still admires Obama. And while we wring our little fists over the Libya/N Africa/Middle East “democracy” outbreak, Iran goes about its business quietly and virtually unchallenged. The only Christian cabinet minister in Pakistan is killed for defending minorities, and Russia and China continue to put the blockers on ANYthing the UN tries to do about anything. Aided and abetted by La France, mais naturellement. Plus ca change.

  • eYeDEF

    It should be noted that Russia highly benefits from middle east instability, as it allows them a chance to replenish their state coffers. Of course they prefer civil war in Libya compared to more certain to induce stability of a no fly zone.

  • eYeDEF

    No need to make it too obvious you’re on the dole.

  • The Daily Satire

    I don’t think he wants to eclipse anyone as a world leader. One of the best things he’s done is to focus on being a leader of Britain rather than the world and putting British interests first, which after the messianic zeal of Blair and Mr Gordon ‘I saved the world’ Brown is quite refreshing.

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